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Monthly Archives: November 2005

It’ll Whisper To You In Your Sleep

Today has been a better day, despite the husband’s pager. It went off at 3am. In the bedroom. And rather than being set to vibrate, as it usually is at night, it seemed to be on the “loud smoke alarm” setting. Had myself a nice little adrenaline rush. But this morning’s commute was a breeze. [...]

How Fast Is 1 Second?

We need to move to Minneapolis. This morning it took an hour and a half to drive the little man just 11 miles, to his school. And then another half hour on top of that to get myself to work. But if we do try to buy a house in Minneapolis, comparable to the [...]

Of Low Costume And Very Little Industry

Well, I’m somewhat less crabby today, but sorta sick. I would have gone in to work anyhow, but I was worried about the little man…who slept much longer than usual and is all stuffed up. By this afternoon he seems to be feeling much better, thankfully. And mama’s got a brand new bag. Of [...]

Easy To Please, But Difficult To Protect

You’d think Sundays would be all lovey dovey good times around here, but this particular one has been on the frustrating side.

Woke up sometime before 3am and couldn’t fall back to sleep again for several hours…until it was nearly time to get up for the day, around 7am. So I was wide awake to [...]

The Noise That The Dust Makes As It Settles

Aside from our occasional streaks of crapass luck, we really do have a lot to be thankful for.

I’m thankful we have health insurance. We’d be hella screwed without it, what with the husband’s abdominal surgery coming up next month, my high risk pregnancy, and the baby’s eventual heart surgery next summer.
I’m thankful for the [...]

Strange But Not A Stranger

I had fully intended to catch up on my sleep last night, honest. But around 2:30am the husband woke me up. He was moaning, loudly, in his sleep. Scared the crap out of me. I tried to rouse him from his weird dreams, but I only succeeded in getting him to stop with his [...]

Best Case Scenario

What an emotional rollercoaster…but, for now, we are feeling pretty all right. This morning the pediatric cardiologist checked out the baby’s heart and said that, as far as AV Canals go, it is in the best possible shape for surgery. So that’ll happen when he’s about three months old. Provided he’s gaining weight and [...]

Difficult Times Lie Ahead

This afternoon I got out of my pajamas…for the first time since Friday. Turns out moping really isn’t the best way to pass the time. Who knew? Thankfully my mother-in-law agreed to watch the little man for a few hours, so the husband and I could get out for a bit…to see the new [...]

Houston, We Have A Problem

It wasn’t such a good day. The husband and I spent the afternoon at the perinatal clinic. Turns out the baby isn’t okay after all. There are a few areas of concern. One has to do with the umbilical cord. Instead of having the normal three blood vessels it only has two. This alone [...]

The New Post-modern Mythology

Some good news. Our Quad Screen blood test results came back NORMAL. What a relief. Now we just have to get through Friday’s appointment, with a genetic counselor, and the Level II Ultrasound, and then it will be safe to be super excited (well, I’m already super excited, but still). Last night the little [...]