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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Such a Slender Thread

Oof, I’ve been spread particularly thin lately. Everything has been last minute with not enough time and too much stress. But I’m powering through. We’re about to leave on a much needed road trip. Naturally one of the cats just puked on a couch and bonus, I got my danged period. And I never did [...]

A Slice of Life

Oh what a difference a week can make. Last week was long and hot and the bad weather melted my brain. During the day I enjoyed life at Clockwork HQ, with the magically chilly air. But as soon as I headed home my energy and motivation drained away as I slogged my way up to [...]

Flying Too Close to the Sun

Perfect summertime bliss has given way to hot and humid weather hell. Hopefully it will be a brief stretch. And thankfully my helpful boyfriend manhandled our heavy window a/c units up the stairs from the basement and into our bedrooms. But not before encouraging my son to spend much of last weekend cleaning his filthy [...]

Divas of Danger

Yesterday’s post was a little on the heavy side. Enough with the grim. The weather this week has been mostly perfect. Wednesday I ate my breakfast, lunch and dinner outside and it was lovely. And we might go tubing down a river this weekend. And we’re having an outdoor cookout with old friends (wherein we [...]

Like a Fish in a Tree

We stayed in town for our extended 4th of July weekend but it was plenty busy. I still haven’t fully recovered. We attended a few friend-hosted BBQs and brunches as well as CONvergence (all four days of it) and the two day Bathysphere music fest at First Avenue. While there was plenty of science fiction [...]

Swimming in the Deep End

It’s a particularly somber Fourth of July for my family this year. My 20 year old nephew (my step-brother’s only son) deployed to Afghanistan this week. Last night he Facebook messaged me, asking me to let everyone know he had arrived safely. To the war. The poor kid was excited to see mountains for the [...]

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

My birthday month passed by in a blur of activity. July won’t be quite as punishing though there are plenty of happenings lined up that will serve as mile markers. I don’t want to write July off as just filler, but I’m really looking forward to August’s activities.
Five items of note:

Yesterday Google Reader DIED. I [...]