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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Let the Wheel Come Around

Some sad news. Actor Andy Hallett, who played Lorne on Joss Whedon’s Angel, died at the age of 33. New York street photographer Helen Levitt has also passed away, but at the ripe old age of 95.
Five pick me ups:

Fantastic “I said No!” Pope condoms in France.
In Japan it’s just about time for the annual [...]

An Infinite Regress

Some problems have no solutions. Sulking doesn’t exactly help but is sometimes necessary. I’m giving myself a couple of days to mope before leaving town for the Dells. Even if other parts of Wisconsin Dells were on fire yesterday…which is somehow fitting. But there will be no crying on waterslides. Epiphanies only.
Five (or more) good [...]

Trials of Fang and Blood

The boy is already in Spring break mode, happily declaring “I don’t have to do homework for a whole week!” Technically we’re not going on vacation until Wednesday, but this weekend I’ve gotten a jumpstart on the lazing. A chunk of my Saturday was spent stretched out on the front porch couch, in the sun, [...]

A Trail of Sparkles

Still fighting the tide. After work the other night I took my car in for an oil change. My lovely boy availed himself of the TV in the kids’ corner while I sat next to him, on a child-sized chair, reading an article written by another mother of a son with autism. A son who [...]

Count Your Fingers And Make A Fist

For a brief period last night I felt content and moderately hopeful. But those feelings had slipped away by morning. Minor aggravations added up all a.m., getting under my skin despite my best efforts to dispel them. One such irritant? Listening to NPR I learned of a study linking pediatric anesthesia and learning disabilities. My [...]

Object of Curiousity

My movie obsession isn’t just Roku-related, though I am already addicted to that magic box. Last night I enjoyed Steve Coogan’s Lies and Alibis. But I do like to keep current. The Coen Brothers are remaking True Grit. And The Astronomer’s Dream looks downright dreamy (I may also have a little crush on Malcolm Sutherland’s [...]

Birds Are Away

Last night I finally watched the Battlestar Galactica series finale, but found myself strangely unmoved by it (and not just because of a drunken Bill Adama barfing on himself, eww). I thought there would be tears. From my face. Maybe the dry eyes were because we’d gone to The Children’s Theatre earlier in the day [...]

The Last Gasp

A number of close friends are in the midst of achieving higher education. I am all for academia, but I do so enjoy it when they are on break from school. This past week has been blissful, spending so much time with some of the people I love. Sadly it’s coming to an end. They’re [...]

The Thin Gruel of Narrative

I am a sometimes insomniac. I’ve found that keeping the laptop outside of my bedroom at night helps. But too often I fail. It’s usually within convenient reaching distance, at my bedside, and I grab it in the middle of the night like a drowning man being tossed a line. And then find myself catching [...]

Bumping Up Against That Feeling

The out of town bands are starting to come back. Because it’s almost Spring! And we have the fever! I’m antsy and about ready to burst out of my skin. Which sounds fairly disgusting, really, but I mean it in the best way possible. Our much needed road trip is coming right up but it [...]