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Monthly Archives: September 2004

The Personal Is The Political

I would have liked to join my fellow new patriots, watching this evening’s debates…but I have more pressing issues to attend to in my backyard. Or the neighbors’ backyard, rather. Going into this I knew the parenting gig would be no cake walk, but the unexpected “bonus” of caring for a special needs child, [...]

Survey Says

All right, I’ve spent far too much time in the last 24 hours online, looking for a new winter coat for the little man. Our requirements are pretty straightforward. The lad needs a durable daily wear jacket that’s built to withstand Minnesota winters, but with synthetic lining (instead of the non-vegan down). I’ve narrowed [...]

I Like My Sugar With Coffee And Cream

Just because I’m not feeling well doesn’t mean I can’t get my cats comfortably numb. With organic catnip, no less. But what about my needs? Ok, wants. Wanton wants. I was thinking a little conspicuous consumption might lift my spirits. Sadly exploding dog’s “the future is almost here” prints are already sold out. One [...]

It Was A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Yesterday marked the first time I’d thought to go out for a solo walk while the little man was at school. My destination, the neighborhood coffeehouse. If you’re going to fall off the wagon you may as well fall hard. I purchased a pound of French Roast (half off on Mondays), and a baguette [...]

It’s More Fun Sitting In The Dark Eating Peanuts

Monday morning wakeup calls I could have done without:

2am: The cat puking outside my bedroom door;
4am: The husband’s work boots stomping up and down the now carpet-less stairs;
5am: An idjit neighbor’s car alarm screeching into the dawn for an age. One would hope they respond more quickly to smoke alarms.
7am: Fully awake, with [...]

Reunited And It Feels So Good

An excellent weekend, thus far. Decided to give up on giving up. Two weeks into my coffee withdrawal and I realized it wasn’t worth it. Every day I woke up all achey, and severely lacking in the motivation department. All I looked forward to was crawling back into bed. But that changed Friday. Just [...]

Could Life Ever Be Sane Again?

Sadly we’re not so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed around these parts. This morning I attempted to get the little man ready for school, something he generally looks forward to. But today he told me he had to stay home. When I asked why he gave me an unusually serious look and deadpanned “I don’t have [...]

Poster Offensive 2

Just got word that my friend Justin will be DJing at a political poster show opening this Friday night. Sounds interesting, and it’s free. The show runs this weekend only, September 24th - 26th. Here’s more info:
Opening Reception Friday, September 24, 2004 @ 7:00pm Refreshments & Tank Goodness Cookies DJs: Justin Martinez and [...]

Change Your Underwear Twice A Week

This is only going to score me more NPR nerd points in the husband’s book, but last night two favorites came together…The World, and Danny Gregory. My timing was fortuitous for a change. The little man and I were heading home, from an exciting evening of errand-running and playing. We happened to be in [...]

Complicated Fun

After dinner last night the little man and I settled in, in his room, to play with the new Legos he’d been given. We didn’t get around to using all 1500 of them, but we gave it a good shot. I started having weird childhood flashbacks, to playing Legos with my brother and the [...]