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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Detatched From Reality

Minnesotans are funny creatures. The winter was ridiculously long and hard. I understand that as much as anyone. But now that the weather has turned all suddenly summer people are really coming ALIVE. Everything is happening, everywhere. Outdoor block parties at big venues, farmers’ markets, street fairs, all the music & movie series in parks. [...]

There’s Always A Mountain

Well, the move could have gone more smoothly. But I guess it could have been worse. Somehow. We were ill-prepared and short-handed on Saturday (but oh so appreciative of the friends who did turn up to help - thank you thank you jeebus). We didn’t get our bed re-assembled until well after midnight. And we [...]

Box and Whisker

Are we there yet? My emotions are a sloppy mix of anticipation and impatience when it comes to our impending move. MAKE IT GO FASTER. Only we’re still not ready due to unplanned un-fun with my boyfriend’s projects at work. Last night we met at IKEA, late, to finally buy the wardrobes and shelves we [...]

Dwelling in Possibility

Often I cook for comfort. To keep myself physically and mentally occupied while stressed. Yesterday it was a crock pot full of vegetarian chili and a batch of black bean brownies (I also walked down to the grocery store and back). I probably need to get a little more Zen instead. Maybe meditate. Dip my [...]

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

As a household we’ve hit a rough patch. Mostly unrelated factors at play, combining to make daily life much harder than it should be. Friday was the 25th anniversary of my brother Tom’s death. Instead of moping all day I focused on my happy memories of him. And celebrated his life by taking my son [...]

Under the Volcano

I feel like I’ve been lucky, for the most part. Single parenting isn’t easy. Especially with a special needs child. But despite hitting puberty my teen is generally on the easygoing and happy-go-lucky end of the spectrum. Of course I will always worry about him. Worry about his vulnerability and how trusting he is. I [...]

The Staggering Immensity of Time

Often I try to remind myself of the Cosmic Calendar and that I’m just a puny human on this miniscule floating rock, hurtling through space, whose life is just a tiny little blip. Thank you, Cosmos. But it’s still easy to get wrapped up in daily life. Last weekend should have been spent dismantling our [...]

Deep Inside the Light

Hari Kondabolu was just as hilarious as I’d expected him to be. And dang, did I ever need that. The local openers were super funny as well. I’ll definitely check out Brandi Brown and Raghav Mehta again sometime. And you should too!
Five random things for this Thor’s Day:

Apparently this is a few years old [...]