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Monthly Archives: June 2012

All of the Above

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to. Yep. I’m still sick. And *on* my birthday. I saw a doctor on Friday (sinusitis / sinus infection!) and took it pretty easy over the weekend. But I managed to have a few friends over in our backyard yesterday for [...]

The Receding Light

Still recovering from my stupid illness - and going a little stir crazy - but the internet provides. Last night it provided a steady stream of Double Rainbow photos from locals via various social media outlets. I missed out on that but did witness a gorgeous sunset from my sick bed.
Five decent distractions for today:

In [...]

Happy When It Rains

Weather in Minnesota is predictably unpredictable but especially so in June. I sure do love a good storm and we had one helluva one on Monday night, which I enjoyed. But now I feel guilty-ish. It knocked the power out in a lot of homes around the metro but even that is nothing like the [...]

Anger Is An Energy

We enjoyed a lovely North Woods detour last week. And part of it wound up on the Duluth news!
The weekend was a mixed bag. Heavy on the overwhelmingly stressful and frustrating part of the mix, unfortunately. I came home from a wedding Friday night to find a swarm of hundreds of flying ants IN MY [...]

May the Road Rise With You

The celebration of my birth month continues. But I also realized that this month marks the 20th anniversary of my IT career. Whoa. If that didn’t make me feel old my son’s graduation from 6th grade last week sure helped things along.
We began the boy’s summer break with a bang! Actually, with dental work [...]

Dignified and Old

I started drafting this post on June 1st, to indicate it is time to celebrate my birthday ALL MONTH LONG. And I made a good start of it. Friday night we attended a friend’s art opening, enjoyed dinner with more friends and hung out with yet more friends after. Saturday we stopped by a friend’s [...]