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Monthly Archives: November 2008

This Must Be The Place

Home is where I want to be, even if my son is overtired from staying up too late last night, and prone to outbursts of crankiness today. It was worth it. We visited three different homes for Thanksgiving. First, out to the burbs to see my totally adorable Dad. Then on to my friend’s swank [...]

Sugar On My Tongue

The little man and I were home most of the day. In the morning I managed to crank through a pile of work. In the afternoon we went out for a productive session with the boy’s psychologist, but then it was right back home. Where I made the house smell awesome by baking two pumpkin [...]

That’s What I’m Talking About

Thank you Facebook. My compulsive status updates have finally worked in my favor. An old friend saw me waxing on about foosball and has offered me a free foosball table. Yes! I just need to get that sucker moved from there to here. Hmmm.
Five other good things:

Not sure where I got the heads up on [...]

Stirring My Surrender Instincts

I was strangely moved while watching the trailer for The Wrestler, with Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei. After a couple of junk food films I guess I’m in the mood for a little less magic and a bit more realism. That said, I think the Spike Jonze adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are will [...]

The Heartache and the Hope

My movie-going experiences yesterday couldn’t have been more different, even though both were at the same theater. I met up with a friend early in the morning and had a Twilight ticket in hand by 9:30am. There were no hordes of squealing teens and tweens. Just a quiet, wide open lobby. And a nearly empty [...]

Let the Right One In?

I do fear the worst for the film adaptation of Twilight, and a little voice is telling me I should skip it altogether. And maybe save myself for a quality vampire flick instead. Like the critically acclaimed Let the Right One In from Sweden. But I never listen so Twilight it is! But not at [...]

The Potential to Be Better

Yesterday I was overtired and felt like my creative juices had run dry. I tried to force it last night, but all my efforts were unsatisfying. My self-portrait attempts were totally meh. Even had a nip slip in one (but I sure didn’t post that). I did manage to advance my story somewhat, thanks to [...]

Crossing the Event Horizon

For a while now Tuesday nights have been kid-free for me, with the little man getting some guy time with my ex. Almost every one of these Tuesdays has been action-packed. Chock full of social activities, errand running, movies, grown up dinners or what have you. But not tonight. I have NOTHING [...]

The Usefulness of Failure

Over the weekend we passed the halfway mark and that’s a pretty good indicator. National Novel Writing Month isn’t over yet, but I don’t think there’s much chance I will “win” it this time. And that is ok. I’ve been making steady progress, averaging over 1000 words a day and liking my story every step [...]

Positive Communal Stimulation

Last night my son had the longest petit mal seizure I’d ever seen. I happened to be sitting next to him, in a crowded restaurant, and watched it from start to finish. The seizure went on for so long I had to choke down some mild panic. As always it was like I could see [...]