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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Agitators As Well As Entertainers

Last night I took the little man to a vegan potluck/show. Both the food and company were excellent. It was especially good to see Chelsea, recently returned from ten months in Paris. Sadly we didn’t stick around long enough for Teen Eagle’s set, but the little man did get to play with their equipment. He [...]

The Transitional State

The world is sending me mixed messages. When I was still high on life after my awesome weekend getaway, I was thinking that the Year of Sharyn had finally begun. It felt like it might’ve been slowly ramping up before Chicago, and that it had maybe gone full-blown. And that thought made me happy. Naturally [...]

Completely Losing My Mystery

My whirlwind weekend tour of Chicago exceeded expectations. So much so that I don’t even know how to recap it. Lists can’t adequately convey the fabulousness but it’s all I’ve got.

Rolled in to Chicago during evening rush hour, but was guided by the amazing Emily, over the phone, to her cute little neighborhood. I was [...]

Paradise and Catastrophe Go Hand in Hand

Wherever people gather in numbers, in meatspace or online, trouble is sure to follow. This week two brouhahas have been particularly disheartening to me, as they involved my favorite photography-related venues. First there was the JPG magazine mess, and then the flickr=censorship fiasco.
A list of happier things:

More Flight of the Conchords-induced joy. The pilot episode [...]

When Things Crack Instead of Bending

Feeling overwhelmed has become the norm lately. So despite (or maybe because of) the impending madness of the week, I’m already looking ahead to the weekend. Things that need doing before I leave for Chicago:

Getting an oil change (done);
Enlisting someone to feed the cat;
Loads and loads of laundry;
Packing a bag for myself and one for [...]

Portraits of Order Breaking Itself Down

Friday’s word-of-the-day was frustration. For so many reasons. Mainly dental. The little man’s followup appointment didn’t go very well. First off, we showed up on time only to be told they’d had some scheduling snafu. After much hand-wringing we were asked to come back in two hours. When we did, the little man was wrapped [...]

Eccentric Spaces and Spatialities

My Chicago plans have unraveled a bit. This afternoon I found out that the friend who was going to put me up, well he is now going to be out of town that weekend. So I am without lodging. Looks like I’ll be forking over some cash, and losing a certain degree of comfort, by [...]

Creamy With A Blue Emotion

The weekend was eventful, but less so than it could have been. I scaled back our activities as the little man and I were both feeling a bit fried. We skipped the Walker’s Family Day and the Cinco de Mayo celebrations and most of the May Day festivities and all of Mondo. What we did [...]

Both Boring And Surreal

All week I’ve been feeling really low energy and my attention…it wanders. Somehow I’ve managed to accomplish a few important tasks though. Like taking Olive to the vet to be spayed and taking the kid to the dentist. Considering his oral hygiene history, the latter was somewhere between worst and best case scenario. We’re going [...]