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Enjoying the Scenery

Last winter was particularly hard. I’ve worked in tech for years, and enjoyed some autonomy with the option to work from home when it suited me (some employers have been more flexible than others). Since the pandemic started, I’ve almost exclusively worked from my cramped bedroom. I have a lovely compact ladder desk with side tables and an ergonomic chair. But our 2BR condo was built in 1922. The builders did not anticipate my particular needs. Getting out for walking breaks throughout the workday helps me maintain my equilibrium. But this is often impossible during a Minnesotan winter. Either the temperatures plummet to science fiction lows, or the sidewalks are icy and impassible, or both. I knew something would have to change for this winter. I am thanking my past self for planning this Portugal trip. I am 9 nights in and have 20 nights left. I miss my kid and my cat very much, but life is just so much easier here. The weather has been in the 50s and 60s. My apartment has a balcony that I have been making use of. A lot.

I have a few minor regrets. Things I failed to pack:

  • Bacitracin for my new tattoos
  • Band-aids
  • Ginger tea
  • My favorite pair of pants (could have sworn they made it into the suitcase)
  • US to Europe electric adapters (also, could have sworn they were in the suitcase)
  • Cleaning cloths for my glasses, though I brought the bottle of cleaning spray

Something I packed but won’t need:

  • My swimsuit. No swimming or hot tubbing with fresh tattoos.

Now for the gratitude. My first week here was all vacation so I had time to explore and sort myself out before settling into my work routine. I’m essentially working second shift, EST hours.

  • Last week I got to catch up with an old friend who was visiting from NYC. We hung out two different days.
  • Made a new friend. Someone I’d connected with on instagram the last time I was here, in January 2020. And he’s even more charming in person.
  • The apartment is comfortable, overall, but I truly love the balcony and will miss it when it’s time to leave.
  • Bombas slippers. They feel like little clouds encasing my feet after long days of walking 7+ miles.
  • Walking outside without worrying about slipping on ice.
  • Panda Cantina’s delicious tofu ramen.
  • The Aldi grocery store in the basement of this building. My kitchen is fully stocked and I’ve made some excellent meals. There are gorgeous restaurant patios everywhere that I do want to enjoy, but it’s good to save some money by cooking for myself too.
New full color peacock tattoo on my right calf

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