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Sharyn Morrow

This blog has been home to my online journal for 20+ years. I am a non-binary Lebanese-American punk humanist. My pronouns are they/them/theirs. Currently, I am a Principal Accessibility Engineer working out of the Twin Cities, with over 30 years of web design and development experience. I am also an occasional adjunct instructor, teaching front-end web development in Minneapolis College’s Continuing Education program. I am a long-time user advocate, proponent of neurodiversity, parent of a young adult with autism, and neurodivergent myself. I am passionate about inclusive design and removing barriers to access for all. In my free time, I shoot for fun and profit here. In pre-pandemic times, I enjoyed traveling around the world. Alone, and with my son. While some would have us believe it’s over, we are still living through a pandemic. Please use common sense.

Contact: drop me a line, follow me on twitter, Mastodon, or instagram.


Mimicking the statue


Sharyn shouting hey


Self, on a sunny day, with sunglasses and Fall leaves


Self in a borrowed cat head


Taking a selfie with my cat Olive


My album cover


Summer Selfie


Selfie outside at a bbq


Field Trip Day 2012


Martha with her short women


Wearing black and white Polka Dots


4th of July with friends


for Summer of Dresses


Sunday morning bedhead


Wearing a Lucha Libre style mask


day 133, feeling somewhat beleaguered


day 296, still chilly