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More of a Preoccupation than an Occupation

Long before I became flickr-addicted I knew that photography rocked my socks off. I mostly hated high school, but there was one bright spot. A graphic arts course I took for two years (two hours a day senior year) that focused on photography…and the brave new world of desktop publishing. As a grown-up type person I’ve been lucky enough to make a living from the latter, but the former has always been one of my favorite hobbies. Fresh pix are up at flickr regularly.

And ho! What’s this? A new photoblog! Please to enjoy Sharyn Shoots. Sharyn shoots photos, not people. Well, sometimes photos of people. With her camera. You get the idea. And yeah, I foolishly let lapse a couple years back and someone else snapped it up. Doh.

my new toy, thanks to e50e