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Shelter in Place

Back in April of 2019, pre-pandemic, I took my son to The Netherlands for his Spring Break. We had a lovely time. While there, a friend messaged me to say that a band from Baltimore was playing in Amsterdam. Not far from my hotel. Walking distance, in fact. So I allowed my 19yo to have the hotel room to himself for an evening while I checked out a delightful venue called The Cave. And introduced myself to the duo that is Darsombra. I’m so glad I did. Ann and Brian are absolutely delightful. I’ve had the good fortune to see them perform in Minnesota a few times since then. Most recently in June. And they’re coming back tonight! Which is the main reason I didn’t try to get out of town for Labor Day weekend.

Music duo Darsombra performing at the Cave, Amsterdam
Brian of Darsombra playing guitar looking like a trippy space wizard
Ann of Darsombra playing keyboards while looking like a trippy space wizard

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