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Subject to Change

In this new era, I still have enough optimism to make plans. Tentative ones. It’s far more likely those plans will fall apart than come together. Invariably someone gets sick and cancels (the responsible thing to do). Lately it’s been me more often than not. And this winter weather has been winter plus plus, with bonus bad air quality bummers. My daily mental health walks have been on hold since November. Last weekend I did make it to a bit of Drone Not Drones at The Cedar. But didn’t have enough stamina to stick it out long, despite wanting to catch up with friends. Today I’m skipping the Lake Harriet Kite Festival due to sub-zero temps and a lack of wind. Which is kind of a necessity for kite-flying. But tomorrow I’m hoping to make it to the Saintly City Cat Show.

Hopefully a change of scenery and a change of climate will help. I leave for Portugal one week from tomorrow. Though not with the suitcase I splurged on. UPS allegedly delivered it to my garage on Thursday. I don’t have a garage. I’ve filed a claim and reported it to the sender, but I highly doubt I’ll receive a replacement before my departure.

In the meantime, I’ve started planning a summer Seattle vacation before I even leave for Portugal. Hoping it’s better than our last Seattle trip. Summer of 2021 I took my son to visit family there. Unfortunately, we were subjected to a disgusting heat dome event. Or wildfires. Everything is so iffy these days. Even Portugal had a major flooding event last month. I’m hoping it won’t impact my trip, though I did read about some sinkholes in the streets of Lisbon.

For now, I’m taking it easy. Bundled up at home with my heating pad and Chinese takeout while binge watching Lockwood & Co on Netflix. It’s right up my alley, and not just because of all the Bauhaus, Joy Division, Siouxsie & The Banshees, This Mortal Coil, etc.

Lockwood and Co review – Joe Cornish’s teen ghosthunters are an absolute delight:
Following the runaway success of Wednesday and Stranger Things, Netflix has gambled on another gothy young adult show, similarly primed to become impressionable teens’ entire personalities. Lockwood and Co – created by Joe Cornish – is a lore-heavy supernatural series set in an alternative modern Britain where an epidemic of ghosts has raged for 50 years, but the only people able to see and fight them are children. To deal with “the problem” there are ghost-hunting agencies run by adults, who use the children to locate the angry spirits and destroy the “source” from which they emanate.

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