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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Be Seeing You

Dazed and confused on this, the final day of 2018. It’s how I close out most years really. The state of the world at large is too much so I’m sticking to my personal life for this review.
The ups and downs of 2018

At the beginning of the year took Continuing Ed classes at the U [...]

Because It’s in the Music

Last week there was more grim news for our local art scene, which prompted me to post/rant/decry/cry over at my photo blog The Soap Factory, Late-Stage Capitalism and a Sheriff’s Sale. Such a bummer. Not sure how that will all shake out but I am not super hopeful.
How about Five Good Music-related Things?

Recently some friends [...]

Progress Not Perfection

While raising my son I’ve tried to emphasize experiences over materialism. Thankfully he’s on board. And even before he was born I was a fan of Buy Nothing Day to to replace Black Friday. I feel a sense of relief when I see these ideas gaining traction. Like this:
The no-pressure holiday gift you won’t even [...]

Place is Space Imbued With Meaning

Much of my life has been spent struggling with notions of place and home. And I’m still figuring it out. As a kid I knew something was off with my dysfunctional family. As a teenager I tried to create my own safe place which led to a lot of flailing and failing. At least they [...]

High Spiritual Pressure

Earlier in the Fall I told my son Netflix had made a live action movie adaptation of Bleach. He had never watched the original anime series (which is based on the manga) and declared he would check it out before watching the movie. He proceeded to watch every single episode. From all 26 seasons. The [...]

Shortness of Breath

Resting over the long holiday break wasn’t enough. I was getting back into the swing of things last when I was knocked on my ass by illness. And it’s lingering. Energy and focus are in such short supply it’s taken me nearly a week to write this brief post. But I’m trying to keep my [...]