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Monthly Archives: January 2003

The Italians Of India

We had a remarkably pleasant evening last night. I credit it to total avoidance of the aforementioned State of the Union address. I have one thing to say to that matter…from what I’ve read today, it sounds as though, at times, Bush were speaking of himself: “He said he has fresh evidence that the [...]

The Choreography Of War

I doubt I’ll be subjecting myself to Bush’s State of the Union address this evening. I have an inkling of what he’s likely to spew. This morning I made the usual rounds, and found an abundance of articles giving good reasons why the U.S. government should not massacre invade Iraq. “Instead of finding increasingly [...]

Urban Deconstruction

The Minneapolis Central Public Libary has been closed for several months now. Efforts have been underway to clear out its contents prior to demolition. A librarian friend of ours is working in their temporary location, within sight of the original, and future, sites. This morning she was giving me blow by blow reports…of the [...]

For Your Consideration

The boy is like a shark. Constantly moving. Never at rest. Even when he is asleep. Or supposed to be. I was out last night. Not very late. Just long enough to catch Buffy with the grrrls (and a boy, who is sorta like one of the grrrls…aside from his failure to grasp why [...]

Monday Mishmash

Much happened over the weekend…but I had little to do with it. I wanted to attend one of the anti-war demonstrations that were going on, but travel isn’t an option just now. Would have settled for a local event, but couldn’t find any listed at Minneapolis IndyMedia. Oddly enough J discovered one such listing…while [...]

Moving On Up

I swear, I’m always the last to know. Was in a meeting earlier when I overheard something or other. About my entire department moving to another floor. Apparently this has been common knowledge for weeks…but no one ever mentioned it to me. Or in front of me. Or around me…that I can recall. I’m [...]

The Trouble With Public Places

Now I have yet another reason to keep eating lunch at my desk. The women in my department decided to go out together as a group today. This hasn’t happened before. Or in recent memory, anyhow. Or maybe they’d never invited me before. After today I probably won’t be invited again. About nine of [...]

Numb And Number

Thankfully my migraine is waning. But stepping out into the bitter cold and bright sunshine this morning didn’t help matters. Drinking the free coffee at work did. A bit. I am so addicted. In other news, J and I are embarking on another experiment. Cohabitation has been going fairly well, so I signed us [...]

The Art Of Noise

Did not sleep well. Or at all, much. Went to bed at a reasonable hour, but woke up just before 2. Was convinced that something was beeping. Not like the beeping of my alarm clock. And not the beeping of the home security system. But a beeping nonetheless. Got up and peeked into the [...]

Missing The Mark

With age comes greater coordination. For some. Playing catch with the little man is far more enjoyable these days. It used to be that we’d toss the ball in his direction. The ball would then hit him and bounce away. And delayed-reaction boy would look around confusedly a moment or two later. I am [...]