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Moving On Up

I swear, I’m always the last to know. Was in a meeting earlier when I overheard something or other. About my entire department moving to another floor. Apparently this has been common knowledge for weeks…but no one ever mentioned it to me. Or in front of me. Or around me…that I can recall. I’m not thinking conspiracy theories here, but it would have been nice if I’d been in on the news. At least I’ve found out before the actual move (date still unknown, to me at least). I don’t think I’d be left behind, but I will need a little time to pack up all of my desk junk. I know from experience that it can take a while. In our old building I personally moved a couple of times. In this new building (July 2001) the department started out on the 25th floor, then moved again to the 26th floor some months later. We’ve been on this floor for over a year now, so it figures that we’re due for a change. In other, happier work news…one of the IT guys took my Mac this morning (leaving me with this here PC). And is upgrading it to run Jaguar, with Macromedia Studio MX. Hopefully it will be returned to me soon, as I’m excited to play around with it. Especially to download and test out Safari. I think I’ll be keeping myself fairly occupied tomorrow. Heh.