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The Trouble With Public Places

Now I have yet another reason to keep eating lunch at my desk. The women in my department decided to go out together as a group today. This hasn’t happened before. Or in recent memory, anyhow. Or maybe they’d never invited me before. After today I probably won’t be invited again. About nine of us went to a semi-swank restaurant just down the block. I verified that the fries were vegan so I ordered a side of ‘em, and a salad (the vegan offerings were a bit limited). After everyone had ordered we started talking about jobs we’d had in high school. Apparently I got a little excited when I was talking about my movie theater job…as I started gesturing wildly with my hands. More wildly than usual, at any rate, as I managed to knock over a tall glass of water. Which crashed loudly into the glass tabletop (nothing was broken) and flooded over half the table, splashing the woman sitting next to me. Doh! We all threw our cloth napkins into the clean-up effort, but one of the waiters still had to mop up a fair bit. He also whisked away my empty glass…so then I was too embarrassed to ask for a fresh one. But one of my co-workers spoke up and asked the waiter if he could get me a sippy cup. Ha ha. So a couple of minutes later he returned. With a plastic to-go cup, that had a lid on it with a straw. And it figures…a little while later I was again gesticulating while pontificating…and knocked the plastic cup over. At least it wasn’t as loud. And the spill was much smaller. Can’t take me anywhere. Sigh.

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