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The Italians Of India

We had a remarkably pleasant evening last night. I credit it to total avoidance of the aforementioned State of the Union address. I have one thing to say to that matter…from what I’ve read today, it sounds as though, at times, Bush were speaking of himself:
“He said he has fresh evidence that the Iraqi leader he seeks to ‘dominate, intimidate or attack’ with weapons of mass destruction that he could share with terrorist allies.”
So, moving right along…we started the evening off with the delivery and installation of our new oven. No, it wasn’t the expensive dream oven. But a good, well-reviewed, solid compromise. We’ve only used it once thus far. For heating up frozen samosas while we were watching one of my new all-time favorite movies, “Monsoon Wedding” (rent it if you haven’t seen it, trust me on this one). The little man must have found it a bit boring, though, as he fell asleep on my lap soon after we hit play. But if he’d been awake while the song Chunari Chunari was playing, he’d have been dancing all around the living room. It’s one of those songs that stays with you, playing nonstop in your head for days (I’d heard the soundtrack long before seeing the movie, and I’ve been listening to it today). And listening to that has gotten me interested in Bhangra dance music. Some British and North American South Asian DJs (that’s sort of a mouthful) have been taking traditional Punjabi music and remixing it. Naturally the biggest scene is in New York, with the prominent crew Mutiny, cofounded by DJ Rekha. I look forward to seeing the documentary they’ve made about the scene and their music. It’s currently in post-production.