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Monthly Archives: May 2002

My Heart Is Crammed In My Cranium

And it still knows how to pound. Today I’ve been playing host to a rather tenacious travelling headache. It started pulsing above my eyebrows but has since slid up my forehead and on to throb through my temples. Always just on the verge of blossoming into a migraine. Advil has been rendered powerless in [...]

“oh Wow, Fireworks!”

I realize I say this far too often, but…the little man is soooooooo cute! We had an awesome weekend. Yesterday was especially good. Our bbq got pushed off to later in the day, so we spent morning, mid-day, and afternoon mostly outside. Soaking up the sun (which has since vanished again). Drawing on the [...]

Lawn Hawg

The ancient Toro lawn mower I inherited finally died on Friday. Leaving my grass three feet high and rising. The Toro could likely be repaired. In the three years I’ve had it I failed to get it tuned up. But it’s old and icky anyhow and I’ve wanted an electric mower for some time [...]

Do Go On

Now for one of life’s little victories. This morning I swung by BoSa donuts on the way in to work. To pick up some of their delightful cholesterol-free yummies, which just happen to be vegan (thankyou thankyou). Ate two donuts, and saved the third for later. Forgot about it and was too busy to [...]

The Fuji-ya Story

Speaking of the graduated girls…they had an exciting tale to tell me last night. Over the weekend I attended their pre-graduation dinner and breakfast. But post-graduation they went out to dinner yet again. Having a fairly large dinner party they were seated in a more private room, off the main dining area. One of [...]

Factual Error Found On The Internet

I love The Onion. A certain someone pointed that article out to me as I was whining (gee, how unusual) about something else. My childless friends are going to see a movie without me tonight. Sure, we all saw it together when it first came out, but I’d like to see it again on [...]

Whatever “normal” Is.

These truths may not be universal or self-evident, but they hold for me. Today at least. 1. Breads and bagels are far more satisfying when toasted.2. Aesthetically pleasing shoes are not always comfortable.3. Unless one is independently wealthy, ebay is best avoided.4. Practice doesn’t always make perfect.5. Season finales are often convoluted and disappointing, [...]

Busy Beaver

Haven’t been :: making my regular web rounds, posting or emailing much, remembering to clip little man’s fingernails. Have been :: swamped with work, daydreaming, playing outside (still chilly, but at least it’s sunny now) with the little man quite a bit, and busy with social engagements and house stuff.Friday :: After work, played [...]

Weekend Photos

carried a cranky little man up this neverending staircase

feels like Fall, but the leaves are just blooming

Lake Calhoun, no longer frozen

my yard may be full of weeds, but at least they’re purty

Warm And Thundery

Wacky weather, as usual, but at least it’s warming up. Yesterday it was beautiful outside. Naturally I spent too much of the day cooped up indoors. Was able to take a break during my workday to have a lovely patio lunch. But afterwards it was straight to a work function at one of the [...]