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Monthly Archives: December 2003

Wanna Be Starting Something (the Origin Story)

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been with the husband for an eternity. And I mean that in the best possible way, honestly. But it’s strange to think…it was just three years ago this very evening that we both went “hmmmm”. We’d met years before, knowing each other through our activism and a certain circle [...]

Tom Ridge Is A Horse’s Ass

The latest developments to make me raise my tiny fists at the man: 1: Homeland security warning puzzles almanac publishers. This is ridiculous. Now people carrying almanacs are to be regarded with suspicion? I don’t even want to think of what might be next, especially as I re-read Fahrenheit 451 not too long ago. [...]

Looking For A Crisis Proof Investment?

Today turned out to be happy fun doc visit day. Woo-hoo. First off, the husband returned to his eye surgeon for their little routine. Every few weeks he heads back to have a few stitches removed from his cornea. Thinking about it makes my crotch hurt. And there are still thirteen more to go. [...]

People Who Throw Toys For Fun

This evening the little man hung out with the in-laws as the husband and I had a grown-up night out…with his three sisters, and two brothers-in-law. Our entourage arrived at the Bryant Lake Bowl hoping for the best. Naturally the place was jam-packed. We got our names on the waiting list to score a [...]

A Day In The Life

Sort of slacking today, at last. The house is a disaster from a good week of neglect, and there have been legions of new toys added to the fray. I should be cleaning. Or I could be getting a leg up on composing my top ten lists for the year (in the categories of [...]

Celebrating The Unity Of Your Eyebrows

After endless days of activity I’m trying to fight an overwhelming urge to stay home, and in my pajamas, all day long. Luckily the little man is content to stay in, as he’s currently obsessed with his new Playmobil sets. They are pretty danged cool (even though it took the husband over two hours [...]

Feelings Of Spiritual Emptiness And Physical Exhaustion

And we’re not even in the home stretch yet. This afternoon the little man is slated to have a visit with his bio-dad’s family. Afterwards we are tentatively scheduled to attend a Boxing Day dinner (depending on the status of my sister-in-law’s cold/flu bug). Tomorrow is another holiday party, the highlight of which will [...]

He Doesn’t Appear To Be A Hard-core Criminal, Just Stupid

My in-laws live in the city, not too far from us as a matter of fact, and just the way I like it. But some of the extended family lives further out. Today we travelled to a suburb, not too far from where I grew up (just the way I don’t like it). Strange [...]

The Trio Of Perpetual Sadness Takes On The Season Of Perpetual Joy

There’s too much material to cover, so consider this my Cliff Notes version of Christmas Eve. Just the highlights, folks. I brought the Low Christmas album over to my parents’ house last night. When their droning rendition of The Little Drummer Boy was on my smartass step-brother asked if the CD was stuck. The [...]

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Ah, another busy day for the homebodies. Yesterday it was playgroup, today an adventure with Auntie D…the little man’s paternal aunt. She lives out of state so we see her just twice a year…but we both enjoy her visits immensely. Today she joined us for a few hours of play at the Children’s Museum, [...]