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People Who Throw Toys For Fun

This evening the little man hung out with the in-laws as the husband and I had a grown-up night out…with his three sisters, and two brothers-in-law. Our entourage arrived at the Bryant Lake Bowl hoping for the best. Naturally the place was jam-packed. We got our names on the waiting list to score a lane, then had to head elsewhere for food. Ended up at Chiang Mai Thai, which is accurately described as “Americanized Thai food” and an “amazingly fancy trendy restaurant for sticking out of the backside of a mall”. But it was near the BLB, and, armed with cell phones, we were able to make it back in time to snag a much sought after lane (hadn’t realized they run a “Cheap Date Night” special on Mondays). About once or twice a year I manage to get myself to a bowling alley, and always have low expectations about my performance when I do. I’ve never been very competitive, which allows me to have a better time doing this sort of thing. And tonight I had a blast. I enjoy the husband’s fam, and I had the pleasure of running into an old friend of mine…whose new boyfriend seems to be an expert yo-yo, uh, guy (not that she mentioned it, but the husband belatedly recognized the fellow, who has a pretty unique name). Naturally I was distracted by the socializing and merry-making, so imagine my surprise when I discovered I’d broken 100. And I came in third place out of the seven participants. Very strange. I wasn’t even concentrating. Perhaps that’s the key. Or it could have been my happy fun rainbow socks.