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Looking For A Crisis Proof Investment?

Today turned out to be happy fun doc visit day. Woo-hoo. First off, the husband returned to his eye surgeon for their little routine. Every few weeks he heads back to have a few stitches removed from his cornea. Thinking about it makes my crotch hurt. And there are still thirteen more to go. When he got home, with one eye swollen shut and oozing goo (really, should he be driving in that condition?) I took off for my follow-up at the hospital. Everything seems to be healing well, and the staff had more time to impart information to me (some of which would have been more helpful a few weeks ago, but what can you do). Unfortunately the chromosome tests we were waiting for weren’t quite ready yet. The results returned thus far are encouraging, but inconclusive. It will probably be a couple more weeks of waiting on pins and needles. Until then, the jury is out on whether or not we should make another attempt to procreate together. I wasn’t planning on trying again this instant…but it would be nice to know if our genes are more like oil and water, or chocolate syrup and soy milk. Uh, yeah. Enough with the mixed metaphors. In less serious news, the husband was playing around with his new inhaler. It comes with a clear warning…to never attempt taking the inhaler apart. He disregarded this entirely, but he got lucky. Upon prying it open he failed to find any sharp pieces capable of puncturing flesh, or otherwise harm his person. Inside was just an innocuous-looking curled up strip of tin. So this time around cat 1 / curiousity 0. Or something to that effect.

inhaler innards