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Monthly Archives: September 2003

Below And Above

My husband fell on his head today. Happily I didn’t see it (as I would have freaked out). I was baking. The little man had wanted to eat a banana from the newly acquired bunch, but had managed to pull such that every banana opened. Thankfully they were ripe enough to use in banana [...]

The Chinese Connection

I guess I’m in mild panic mode. This afternoon I hung out with one of my sisters-in-law, to make last minute arrangements for my impending wedding reception. I can’t believe how much has been left undone until now. Sure, we had some valid excuses. We’ve been sick. The in-laws have been out of town. The [...]

Tales Of Adventure In Time And Space

Debating when or what to post about the big news…so instead I’ll get back in the saddle with an all purpose entry. Today I wanted to join my favorite denizens of Duluth, for their 25 mile nonchalant jaunt about town. Alas, I don’t believe I would have been up to it…and, with their 8am [...]

Stay Tuned

Pardon my silence. It’s been a big week. Details to follow. But don’t worry, it’s all good.

Spread The Good Feelin’

My melancholy mood is dissipating. A little green tea goes along way with me, apparently. And it’s sunny outside…and I’m feeling less sick. Which has led me to be more productive today than I was all of last week. I’ve already done a load of laundry and a load of dishes, whipped up some [...]

Last Night I Dreamt I’d Forgotten My Name

I’ve been seeing ghosts today. I was searching for something specific, buried deep within some sorry-looking boxes in a cluttered closet. To locate this one item I had to sift through numerous relics from different eras. I couldn’t help pausing to consider each piece that grabbed my attention. And found that these fragments had [...]

You Bowl Like My Mother

Not quite as addictive as catchThirtyThree, but still an effective timewaster…I give you Gutterball. Gotta have some distractions when you’re ill. Managed to get to the wedding yesterday, though I’m sure some folks were wishing we hadn’t. We were quite the cranky trio. The little man was squirrely throughout the ceremony, and throwing down [...]

Iron Prudentilla Bonney

Illness update: sick of being a scurvy sea dog and getting desperate. Overnight I’ve added echinacea tea, BreatheRight strips, Benadryl, throat spray and ricola cough drops to the multitude of products that aren’t really helping me much. The little man is bored out of his mind because mom won’t get out of her pajamas…or [...]

Feels Like Being Used

We’re sick, sick people. And not just in the twisted sense. I’ve been kidding myself for weeks, claiming it’s just the seasonal allergies acting up. When really I’m suffering from a serious sinus infection. And the husband’s been mocking me…with my copious, and ineffective, drug use. In addition to the useless claritin I ingest [...]

I’d Love To Drop Anchor In Your Lagoon

And now for some bountiful booty…or blather. Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It would be a good time to swing by the McSweeney’s Pirate Store at 826 Valencia. Alas I’ll be a landlocked land lubber with no way to get to San Francisco in time.
Happy 5th, 6th, or 7th Anniversary [...]