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Monthly Archives: June 2003

Is It So Wrong To Think There’s More?

Blasted machines. Color me frustrated. Spent much of the morning composing a very long post…about events leading to and just after my birthday, including a couple of days in a treehouse (with a whirlpool) in Duluth, and the best gift ever that happens to be the weirdest book in the world. But it was [...]

Every Time She Turns Round It’s Her Birthday

What’s going on? When I was growing up I could always rely on beautiful weather for my birthday. Sunny skies, temps in the seventies, no humidity. Now there’s global warming to contend with. Heat, humidity and hordes of mosquitoes arrive much earlier in the season than they have any right to. But that’s not [...]

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Over the weekend I did more lounging than laundry…or anything else. But on my brief breaks from said lounging, I spent a little time optimizing my batch of photos from, and writing about, the previous weekend’s trip to the big city. Thankfully I made a few notes to myself…otherwise all would be lost. As [...]

I Can’t Go For That (no Can Do)

On any given Saturday there can be a huge difference between me being out of bed, and actually being up and awake for the day…as the little man can surely attest to. I knew that girls’ night out would render me useless today. And when I mentioned this to J he was quick to [...]

Songs For Swimming Upstream

And we’re back. Again. I posted a brief entry upon my return from NYC on Monday, with plans to expand and expound the following day. Only to have the hosting server crash. While the admin was out of town, speaking at some perl conference. Efforts to restart it remotely failed. Just my rotten luck. [...]

Unsettled With A Mix Of Clouds And Sun

Home now. NYC was awesome. I’ve much to report, and many photos to post. Soon. But just one question…what the heck happened? I left here Friday morning in sunny springtime…and returned this afternoon to sweltering summer. Geesh. So to ameliorate the madness somewhat, I declare it is now time to soak my barking dogs [...]

All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Your Spine

It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you. The little man and I woke up early this morning, and in excellent moods. On the drive to pre-school we passed a co-worker of mine, who was riding his bike. The little man’s been pointing out bikers as it is, especially noting the [...]

Calgon, Take Me Away

The morning was off to another suckass start. We overslept. The little man looked as cranky as I felt. He insisted on wearing a polar fleece balaclava on the way to school (though it was a muggy 70ish degrees when we left the house). After dropping him off, hatless, I headed to the bus [...]

The Obsessive Guide To Impulsive Entertainment

Well, I’m making it happen. I’m off to NYC next weekend. The little man will be staying with his father while I’m away. My airline tickets and film festival pass have been purchased. Reservations have been made at an ultra-cheap and centrally located youth hostel. And I’ve been in research mode, scouring Timeout and [...]

It’s A Jungle Out There

I wonder if the previous owners of my house ever drive by. If they do, they must shake their heads in disgust at how badly I’ve let the yard go. It’s like Wild Kingdom out there. I don’t foresee it improving any time soon…but J did borrow his Dad’s chainsaw. In an attempt to [...]