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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately

All my life I’ve had two (at least) unfortunate traits: 1) procrastination 2) beating myself up for not getting enough done or in a timely enough manner. I am working on being kinder to myself but it doesn’t come easily. I’ve had a four-day weekend and have managed to relax for much of it but [...]

A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

Last week came with an unexpected twist. I honestly didn’t think our governor would allow the stay-at-home order to expire. I understand he’s in a tough spot and trying to do his best but it’s upsetting. And we don’t have any requirements to wear masks despite situations like this: Austria Has 90% Drop in Coronavirus [...]

Continuous Partial Attention

We are ok. Limping along through our new routines. I have the privilege - and guilt - of being able to work from home, and to have our groceries and household essentials delivered to us. But there are days I feel overwhelmed and I have far more difficulty focusing now than ever before. And that’s [...]

Evidence of Absence

At times I can be forgetful. But grief and trauma? Those memories are etched in stone. My brother died on this day in 1989. He was just 18. I remember so many little details. Taking the bus after school from White Bear Lake to Maplewood Mall to downtown St. Paul to hang out with him [...]