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Monthly Archives: July 2002

Ladies Of The Evil Dead

I’m not sure what combination of googling and odd trains of thought led me there…but I just discovered that Bruce Campbell will be appearing in Chicago this weekend. So close, yet so far. Sigh. I can’t make it, but I should get around to reading his book, “If Chins Could Kill”. Speaking of books…I [...]

Adam Adamant Lives!

I’m finding myself in an especially uncharitable mood today. Well, not murderous or anything…just easily annoyed. Pretty much by everyone and everything. It would have been the perfect day to stay home. To read and/or watch old BBC programs. Although, come to think of it, nearly every day would be the perfect day for [...]

I Am Not Alone

I realize I read too much science fiction, but it is still good to discover that other geeks have similar daydreams…such as one in which a massive quantum improbability results in mundane household chores being taken care of. Though I fear my fantasy is far more elaborate. It doesn’t just stop with the dishes. [...]

Thunder-free Monday

The weekend is over and, alas, there are too many tales to tell. None involving swordplay, giants, an evil king, or a beautiful princess…but we did have: Potty-training victories and disasters; New sass coming out of the mouth of my babe; Bizarre sleep schedules, for us both; BBQs gone bad (blame it on the [...]

Bloody Hell

I’m sick. For real. I guess this is retribution for the other day…when I called in sick but was only kinda sorta. Now I really am. And miserable. Can’t breathe through my nose. Can’t sleep. Can’t read. Can write, I guess, but only just barely (like that’s ever stopped me before). Bleah. I fear [...]

A Slice Of Heaven

A few fine words from the creator himself: “The most obsessive, nerd fans of this show are me and my writing staff,” he says. “I can stump anybody on any episode. I’ve said this before, but it is how I feel and I know no other way to say it exactly: I would rather [...]

A Summer Of Seemingly Non-stop Storms

I blame my father. Over time I’ve become one of those weather-obsessed people…and he started it all. Some of my happiest memories are of the tornado sirens sounding in the summer-time. While most people were running to their cellars for cover, Dad was heading outside to scan the skies. And, to my mother’s dismay, [...]

Chocolate Almond Midnight

Last Sunday, just before my graceless knee-skinning incident, a certain someone hosted a dinner party. He prepared recipes from the Millenium Cookbook. I’m not a huge fan of their entrees, but their desserts are divine. What we had that evening was a dense chocolate mousse cake, with maple-almond praline and raspberry coulis. I’ve found [...]

Showers Arrive

It’s a bit on the gloomy side now. I can deal with that, as long as it stays cool. But I guess I missed my chance yesterday. Didn’t really take advantage of the gorgeous weather, aside from a brief break on the deck. It was beautiful on Monday as well. Took a few photos [...]

Sick Of It All

Yesterday I called in sick to work. Something I rarely do, and generally reserve for serious illness. I did feel physically unwell yesterday. Maybe I could have managed my achiness and congestion, but I had some doubts. Upon waking I instantly had an anxiety attack or two (or maybe they were carried over from [...]