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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Accept the Mystery

Apparently I’m lacking in the spatial reasoning department. I took my son out to select a smallish fresh cut Christmas/Giftmas tree. And, just like every other year, we got it home only to realize it was MUCH larger all around than intended. This wasn’t as much of a problem at the big old house. But [...]

From Safety to Where

It could be so much worse. This I know. I feel lucky that my son and I have a safe and comfortable place to live. That the slow landslide, the years and years of attempting to save our house, didn’t land us in much more dire circumstances (as it has for countless others after the [...]

The Inveterate Unlucky

My realtor has an approval letter in his hands, from TCF. The letter gives us the go ahead to proceed with the short sale. And they’ve done their due diligence, negotiating with the credit union that had a lien on the house. So if my buyer is still willing, and he seems to be (knock [...]

That Extra Push Over the Cliff

Some of the pieces are finally falling into place. Today the Qwest/CenturyLink guy rooted around in the basement of the duplex, and found the little bit of twisted wire that was preventing our hi-speed internet connection from working. Huzzah! We really are at home now. But our previous abode? Complications abound. Within a period of [...]

The Awkward Exit

The house I still own is a mess. The bulk of our belongings are out of it but we’ve left behind piles of flattened cardboard boxes and the fridge is full of half-used condiment bottles that need to be thrown out and when the big pieces of furniture were removed giant piles of cat hair [...]

The New Normal

For someone who bakes pies only rarely, and then one or two at a time at most, I sure have an awful lot of pie plates. And I’m not entirely sure where to put them all in my new kitchen. But the move went very smoothly. The weather was pleasant. The 24 foot truck I [...]

Carnival of Chaos

Last night I took an unplanned break from packing to bear witness to a GWAR performance in First Avenue’s main room. I first saw GWAR at First Avenue, but in the cramped confines of the 7th Street Entry back in 1990. At that show there was no escaping the fake blood raining down on us. [...]

When the Tide Takes Me Over

I pick up our apartment keys today. And pay rent. For the first time since 1999. This is really happening. Though I still have no idea what is happening with the house we’re moving out of.
Five things I do know with great certainty:

Halloween at Clockwork was a wonderful thing, as usual. This year featured Clockworkers [...]