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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Orientation Of Impact

Sleep makes all the difference. Mistress of the obvious, I know, but it was so very necessary last night. I skipped out on all the shows I’d intended to attend (on my first kid-free evening) and forced myself to do a faceplant by 11pm instead. With the aid of magical melatonin I managed a blissful [...]

Only When Your Eyes Are Closed

My boy is flying. Without me. This has happened before, once, with his grandmother. This time out he’s all on his own but he seemed a-ok with it. Still. I want my baby bird to be well prepared. To that end I shelled out for a Samsung Strive. Yep, my 10 year old has his [...]

Headlong Into the Irresistible Orbit

This week has been stressful but yoga helps. That, and I’m all amped up for the weekend ahead. Friends and relatives are coming into town as the long-anticipated Minneapolis Indie Xpo begins. A number of my friends (including the boyfriend) will have tables there.
The Minneapolis Indie Xpo was founded in 2010 as a one-day show [...]

Where The Sea Meets The Sand

Like sands through the hourglass…summer camp has come to an end. Yet the school year doesn’t begin until September 7th. I hadn’t lined up any childcare (all my money went to summer camp) but the paternal grandparents, who now live off the coast of North Carolina, have kindly offered to take the kiddo for a [...]

When Paradise Is Lost

Squishy tired brain can’t complete thoughts but can maybe wring out five good things for this muggy Monday.

Heat exhaustion has rendered me nearly incapable of comprehending much of anything at this point. But the awesomeness of this new Grinderman video is undeniable. Watch it! NOW.
An amazing photo series appeared in a tab in my browser, [...]

The Blueprint for a Possible Future

As intended we saw - and enjoyed - the near future sci fi thriller Inception the other night. And yesterday this video of “Things Being Destroyed Very Slowly” reminded me of my favorite aspects of Inception. Sure, I love the epic big bang boom explosions, but the float-y slo-mo gravity-defying shots were extremely satisfying.
Also on [...]

Backwards Cats

Attempting to cheer myself up by listening to The Budos Band and dancing (wiggling) in my chair at work. Safely within the confines of our air-conditioned workplace. Outside there would be no such dancing in this heat and humidity. Nearly need gills to breathe outside. It feels like standing in the mouth of some massive [...]