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Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Law of Averages

This week we had another spate of inconveniently timed house showings. As usual none resulted in offers or interest of any kind. But at least one of them yielded helpful, constructive comments (the first of their kind)
The buyer liked the home and it was one of the better ones we saw that day. He [...]

Enough to Unmake a Man

Since being boyfriend-less, again, I’ve had to relearn how to budget my free time. Not that I have loads of it. And going out alone to see bands is fine because a) it’s all about the music and b) I know plenty of people at the shows I attend. But other decisions that were no-brainers [...]

High Fiving While Crying

One paper cut is a minor nuisance. Totally manageable. Dozens or hundreds? Overwhelming. And that’s what I’ve been feeling like this weekend, with one damned thing after another to deal with. All have been equally high on the productivity and frustration scales with far too little fun to balance it all out.
How about five [...]

Merciless Drench

I realize how lame and pedestrian it is to complain about the weather, but damn if that heatwave didn’t just about do me in. In a moment of middle-of-the-night genius I decided to book a hotel room for the boy and I, so we could drench ourselves in pool water rather than our own stupid [...]

Angel Demon Human

For the 6th year in a row the company I work for made the “Best Places to Work” list. To my friends that seems to translate into this. Not quite, but kinda close. Speaking of hype, Google Plus. So much hoopla. We’ll see. I’ve been posting a few bits and bobs over there, just to [...]

A Light Dusting of Sequins and Despair

The other day I was making arrangements with my son’s grandmother. To ship him out for some East Coast adventures after summer camp ends, for the second summer in a row. This time he’ll get to visit D.C. before venturing back to North Carolina aboard his grandparents’ boat. Not too shabby. Hard to believe this [...]

No Room for Faith

Patience isn’t one of my strong points. But I’m trying. Motherhood has certainly helped these last dozen years. But there are other areas of my life that could be marked “NEEDS IMPROVEMENT” in the patience department. Our house is being shown again tomorrow. I’m trying to get zen about it. My plan is to make [...]

Your Favorite Thing

I’m as American as the next gal, born and raised in the upper midwest. My Dad’s heritage is a minor mystery. He was adopted (and the family he was adopted into was small and non-cohesive) but a mystery met with more of a shrug than any hand-wringing or concern. My mother’s family, on the other [...]

Figuring Out Where To Land

The weather overshot perfect and veered into perfectly miserable. Our weekend’s outdoor activities were curtailed unless they involved swimming, water balloons and squirt guns. The drive-in, mini golf, and baseball games can wait until the dew point drops. Lethargy has set in around our home. The cats are sad immobile little lumps. The kid and [...]

Dipping My Toe In

My son and I stayed in town over the long holiday weekend. We took a trip to the beach and to the movies to see Cars 2 (we needed to sit in a/c for a spell) and to a couple of BBQs. And without him I went out to see bands four nights in a [...]