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Monthly Archives: July 2020

For Storm and Fury

I am not superstitious by nature but in my last post I mentioned migraines and bam, I got hit with my first one in ages. It struck on Friday along with a major shift in the weather, as often happens, and is still lingering today. Yesterday I was so incapacitated I had to take a [...]

High Precision Ghosts

The last week was tougher than usual. Physically I felt unwell, which led to me feeling miserable, emotionally. Then I received some lousy news. Separately, about two friends / former co-workers. That got me feeling even lower. It seems like I’ve been coasting along through this pandemic. Trying to meet our household’s basic needs while [...]

Please Scream Inside Your Heart

Way ahead of you, guys. I’ve been screaming inside my heart for YEARS.
TOKYO—At the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park recently, the chief executive and his corporate boss took a ride on the park’s No. 1 attraction, the Fujiyama roller coaster, and plunged 230 feet without so much as a peep.
A video showed the two executives, [...]

Ride on Time

Yesterday a friend posted something in her IG story that made me nostalgic. For something I hadn’t thought about in years. “Don’t talk to me until I’ve listened to Black Box’s 1989/1990 hit Ride on Time on repeat 10x.” I had that album on cassette. It was not easy to rewind the tape to get [...]

The Heart of American Ambivalence

My long birthday weekend was pleasant, even without a gathering of friends. Likewise, the 4th of July weekend. Which is a bullshit holiday to begin with. But while many of us are sticking to the recommended social distancing guidelines, my social media feeds were, disappointingly, full of people partying in close proximity to one another [...]