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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Entertaining the Children of the Night

My night owl tendencies are only worsening with the lengthening of the days. I can enjoy it for now but I’m going to have to seriously curb these bad habits come September. Next school year the poor kid and I will have to start getting up an hour earlier every school day. Boo to that! [...]

It Smells Like Dust and Moonlight

Yesterday I saw Don Hertzfeldt’s It’s A Beautiful Day at the Riverview Theater, along with some of his other shorts. I’m always amazed by how he nails emotion just right, with his use of dialogue and sound and fairly simple animation. So expressive. And the man himself was there for a Q&A session afterward. The [...]

Between Consensus and Antagonism

Today has been a quiet day, aside from the delivery of my new (super marked down and super comfortable) boots from, but yesterday? That was an unexpectedly silly day at work. First with birthday cake and the company’s president giving the managing director a buck on a bike, and then fun with emergency vehicles!
Five [...]

When the Sun Comes Up

Last night I took a little time out. Ran some errands after work. Had a quiet meal alone at home, while watching an episode of Castle (in which Nathan Fillion was reunited with guest star Adam Baldwin and it made me miss Firefly even more). And then everything fell into place. My ex dropped my [...]

Like a Master but Faster

Some days my job is so strange. Interspersed between the SysOps bits I could be capturing the Snack Jackals of Clockwork tearing apart a gift basket. Or snapping cute shots of Clockworklings. Or I might be asked to stay late for a “Calves and Asses” calendar photo shoot. Hmmm. We’ll see how that one plays [...]

Lost In My Head

The weekend was a busy one. As they often are. Friday the 13th fun was had with friends at On’s Thai and then on to the nearby Turf Club. Saturday saw us at the first birthday party (with a rented bouncy castle!) for the daughter of friends and then on to Clockwork’s family friendly ArtCrank [...]

The Universe is Indifferent

I’m on another bittersweet Broadcast kick. Sad because of Trish Keenan’s untimely death. She was just 42. It’s all so fleeting. But her ethereal vocals are eternal.
Five good/interesting things for this Friday the 13th:

A beautiful squid from the Chesapeake Bay: “The color patterns are amazing and the melanophores can change size from dilute colors to [...]

Our Version of Events

More exhausted than I should be today. The undone To Do list tasks seem to be multiplying “The Trouble With Tribbles” style. But I’m allowing myself to crash and burn earlier than intended, out of sheer necessity. Before turning in for the night I’ll give you these five good things:

Never underestimate the power of music. [...]

Lust for Life

I’m planning to do some deep cleaning this Zombie Jesus Day. Or maybe go get a pedicure. The morning ought to be pretty relaxed but things kick into high gear in the afternoon. Beginning with a family function. Then an enchilada party. And Irregular Readings at the Triple Rock. But, most importantly, Japanese garage punks [...]

Internal Struggles and External Forces

I’ve been learning more about binary lately, for work, but real life isn’t on or off. Sometimes it is in between or other. Tonight I am (hopefully) seeing The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye at The Walker Art Center:
In her first feature-length documentary, Marie Losier uncovers the fascinating love story between Genesis P-Orridge—the iconic [...]