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Lost In My Head

The weekend was a busy one. As they often are. Friday the 13th fun was had with friends at On’s Thai and then on to the nearby Turf Club. Saturday saw us at the first birthday party (with a rented bouncy castle!) for the daughter of friends and then on to Clockwork’s family friendly ArtCrank pre-party. Saturday night I attended two more shows with the man-friend (still need to process those photos). By yesterday I was ready for some quiet, and so was the lad. He just wanted to stay home. We skipped the Alpaca Show. I went grocery shopping solo. I skipped Charlie Parr at Palmer’s and a going away party. Instead in the evening I turned off my music to listen to the storm, while eating hot hot curry with cold Vinho Verde. Not too effing bad.

Five good things for today:

The week ahead is another busy one. Finishing off my taxes (yikes). Getting through yet another stack of summer camp paperwork. And somewhere along the way I’ve got to squeeze in some Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Fest screenings, before Record Store Day busy times on Saturday. And maybe fitting in brunch times with friends somewhere. These are logistical/lifestyle problems I can manage.

Friday the 13th

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