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Monthly Archives: October 2010

When The Sun Goes Down

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and, possibly because of my enthusiasm, it is my son’s favorite too. So over the weekend we welcomed the great pumpkin into our home, yet again, and held our annual pumpkin carving party. It was a great success, despite some sweet potato pie fueled sugar highs and the [...]

Magic and Mayhem

The other day I stumbled across a trailer for a movie I can relate to. Who Does She Think She Is? is “a 2008 American documentary film about the societal push for women to choose between art and motherhood and the struggle a group of female artists face in attempting to reconcile both parts of [...]

The Falling Sun

Indian Summer may finally be over. The chill is returning to the air, as it should, for a proper Fall. Maybe it’s time to throw on that Thuggie, or perhaps a DARPA Hoodie? Personally I’d really like one of these empire dress/hoodie combos, but would prefer one in red.
Five good things for this fine Friday:

A [...]

The Quicker It Hits You

The last week or so I’ve had a recurring dream…of the house I grew up in. The upstairs, in particular, where my brother’s room was. Until his senior year, that is, when he went away to die horribly in the hospital. He was still seventeen when diagnosed with leukemia and eighteen when it killed him. [...]

Euphoric Moments of Madness

Attempting to find the humor in any given situation is a skill I’ve cultivated over the years. There were some pretty discouraging moments over the long weekend, trapped indoors during the St. Paul Art Crawl. Especially so when passers by expressed outright disgust over our artwork, right in front of us (this happened to both [...]

Mental Hygiene

It was back to work with a bang yesterday morning! A long-estranged family member called my place of employment…and left a message about my brother. Who has been dead for over 20 years. After that intrusion I found my inbox held around 900 new messages to wade through. Even so, I was happy to be [...]

Time Is Elastic

And we’re back. Our getaway was brief and involved lots of driving but there were also laughing fits, some fine meals, visits with friends, the weirdness of House on the Rock and bearing witness to an incredible Swans performance at the Bottom Lounge. My brain is still processing it all (never mind the couple hundred [...]