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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Slipping Into Darkness

The days are getting shorter. I adore Fall (Halloween in particular) but I have to fight to keep from backsliding into hermitude/hibernation mode when the temperatures drop and it gets darker earlier. Today I decided to suck it up and reactivate our gym membership. When my son was younger we went several times a week. [...]

Shaking Hands With Danger

After another rough week I savored the weekend. Got as much lazy lounging in as I could. Saturday a co-worker asked a couple of us St. Paulites if we could stop by my neighborhood ice cream shop, Izzy’s, to pick up a pint of the new Thai-tastic flavor (thai chiles, basil, candied lime). What he [...]

Catching Sparks Off You

Alas there were no sparks last night. It’s been a while since I’ve been so underwhelmed by a live performance. Especially from a band I had previously enjoyed. In the Choose Your Own Adventure book of my life I definitely pursued the wrong chapter last night. The Jesus & Mary Chain were a total train [...]

The Teeth Marks of Time

Well, I’m officially the parent of a teenager now. Parker turned THIRTEEN on Saturday. To celebrate I rented out the Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade and invited a bunch of our friends to come play games (the machines were pre-loaded with quarters). It was wonderful. But my son’s ever-deepening voice is freaking me out, especially when [...]

A Valuable Intangible

Yesterday I spoke with my son’s case manager at the new school for nearly an hour. She acknowledged that things have gone poorly. Balls have been dropped. They’ve seen a lot of turnover in the special ed department and they are short staffed. She apologized profusely. While the apology was appreciated I have not been [...]

Ill Communication

Well, the boy’s school year is off to a stunningly bad start. Last week’s bus route hiccups were only the beginning. Parenting a special needs student is full of bonus hassles and hurdles and jargon but never have I had to deal with so many dropped balls. I have a phone call scheduled for tomorrow [...]

Good Job Bub

Oof. Rough first day of school. For me, anyhow. The kid seems fine. All summer I had so much anxiety about this school year. Especially the thought of him riding the general ed school bus. Staff at his old school gave me dire warnings about it (concerned he’d get his ass kicked on the bus). [...]