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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Tremendous Verbal Gymnastics

Last Thursday night I set out to retrieve my precious powerbook. I thought the little man would be overjoyed to join me on this mission. But he quickly corrected this erroneous assumption. When I suggested that maybe we all three could go to the Apple store together the lad gave me a look. Then he [...]

The Fantastic and the Mundane

Yesterday morning I left my brand new lip balm in the car, in the little cubby below the emergency brake. When I was leaving work in the afternoon I foolishly reached for it. Upon popping open the cap I was sprayed with hot wax. The tube had completely liquefied. Where it splashed against my skin [...]

Cozy Little High Horse

For the record, though they are both products made of soy, Genisoy Soy Crisps and Silk Mocha are two great tastes that DO NOT go great together. I’m feeling a wee bit ill at the moment. Go figure.
Today a co-worker asked me about vegan tuna salad, as I am the resident expert on all things [...]

Something Like Walking a Path

Today marked my last Monday to myself (next week I go back to working Monday through Friday) and it was an oddly melancholy one. It should have been a decent enough day off, but something wasn’t quite right. After I took the lad to his bus stop I drove away under a bright blue sky. [...]

The trick is to look like a nerd and act like a pirate!

Yesterday I received an email from the lovely Zophia. In it she casually mentioned “we are gassing each other with nitrous tomorrow. That should be interesting.” No, she wasn’t referring to recreational nitrous use. Rather it was state-sanctioned giggling…in her dental hygiene program. After class she reported back. Apparently she’s quite the lightweight, but I’m [...]

Every Hour Wounds

Oh the frustration. Some of you may have noticed the site was down…for nearly a full day. Since the early days of the web I’ve relied on independently run hosting providers, often just someone with a server or two in their basement. This site’s host has been fairly reliable…until the admin goes out of town. [...]

Thinking and Doing Are Different Things

This heatwave has left me feeling uninspired and defeated. I didn’t make it to see Low last night. They were playing at midnight, and I was in bed around 8pm. I’d intended to just have a little lie down, then head downtown around 11pm. But we all know how that goes. At least the first [...]

God Speed Screw-on Head

Today I am especially glad to have found Empress Eve. I bow before her. If she hadn’t posted about The Amazing Screw-on Head I might not have known that Mike Mignola’s steampunk comic book had been turned into a pilot. And an animated one at that (forget live action, Mignola’s vision should be realized in [...]

Mostly Harmless

Opposable thumbs have helped advance humankind, but we take them for granted. Or at least I did. Until yesterday. Genius that I am, I somehow pressed my right thumb against a rack in the oven, when I was attempting to reposition a cherry pie. In an oven that had been fired up at 425 degrees [...]

The Immediacy of the Panic

It’s the weekend. I’m going to attempt to put all the big life stuff on the back burner and just relax (until the next panic attack hits). The little man and I got a good start yesterday. We went swimming, followed by a lovely lunch, where he surprised me by eating Udon noodles for the [...]