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Mostly Harmless

Opposable thumbs have helped advance humankind, but we take them for granted. Or at least I did. Until yesterday. Genius that I am, I somehow pressed my right thumb against a rack in the oven, when I was attempting to reposition a cherry pie. In an oven that had been fired up at 425 degrees for over 40 minutes. Can you say ouch? Naturally I am right-handed, so I was useless for the remainder of the evening. I needed the husband’s help with finishing up in the kitchen while I sat nearby, soaking my hand in cold water. After a spell I gently towelled off my sad thumb (fully half of the pad had turned into one giant blister), and the husband wrapped it in sterile gauze before sending me off to bed. It ached and throbbed for a bit, but I managed to get to sleep. This morning it was much improved, but not enough that I could fully function with ease. Making coffee with the French press was challenging. I was nearly foiled by the clasp of a necklace. And the hook and eye closure of my bra had me on the brink of tears. To prevent similar situations in the future there is but one solution. I can’t cure my clumsiness so instead we must obtain silicone oven mitts. Maybe even a silicone body suit, you know, just in case.

cherries! (in reverse)

Bonus: On Friday Low performs at midnight (so, technically that’s Saturday I guess), as part of Macy’s Day of Music. But hey, Alan and Mimi have small children too…couldn’t they play one of the earlier slots? I’ll quit my whining. I made it out to see them the last time they played this event, also at midnight in Orchestra Hall, back when the little man was much littler. It was well worth the sleep deprivation.
Plus: People I care about are having interesting experiences this week. The baby boy that mopsa and her LP are adopting was born yesterday (a little ahead of schedule but a-ok). Congratulations! And our intrepid citizen journalist, Chuck Olsen, is out globetrotting in Korea during monsoon season. Not only has he gotten soaked, he’s also run into scary mobs of riot police, out in force because of the anti-FTA protests.
And: Word of the day: sussed. I recently overheard a co-worker work it into conversation and it made me smile.

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