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Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Mystery of the Rainbow

Motivation has been hard to come by while we’re stuck in a rut of endless cold rain, mixed with snow. But I’ll take this over polar arctic vortex cold any day. And we have managed to get some tasks completed. Maybe not the right ones. This past weekend we prioritized art projects over packing and [...]

See For Yourself

It’s like Adventure Time’s Ice King has moved to Minnesota. I’m still wearing my SmartWool socks, winter gloves and more when I leave the house. Yet I’ve already been besieged by seasonal allergies. Worst of both worlds. Springtime in the hinterlands has left me unmotivated. I’m falling horribly behind on my To Do list.
However, here [...]

Ruined By Whimsy

Still in a post-vacation haze, despite returning home nearly one week ago. I have much to say about our wonderful trip but many many photos to edit yet. So far I’ve only finished day one.
For now, five good things for a Friday:

Wow. I remember when this was a thing thanks to irrational weirdo right [...]