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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Tools of Forgotten Function

Who knew that November was norovirus month? Well, I’m intimately aware now! A couple of days before Thanksgiving I became violently ill in the middle of the night and spent ten straight hours vomiting. With such force that I threw out my back. That first day I couldn’t even keep water down. This did not [...]

Thin Descriptors

My son has a disability. I’ve never wanted him to be defined by his diagnosis. But I have always understood the label of autism can ensure he gets the help he needs to be successful. This is becoming more of a concern as he gets older and talk turns to his transition into adulthood. It’s [...]

Attractive Nuisance

David Byrne brought his “Playing the Building” installation to town, in the space formerly occupied by the Theater de la Jeune Lune (now called Aria). Friday night some friends put on their Irregular Readings there, in a cozy balcony area. It was lovely. Though at times they had to compete with people “playing the building” [...]

The Best Of Us

Yesterday morning I voted. Number 318! Well, on my side of the gymnasium anyhow. Apparently my new polling place is used for two adjacent precincts. Four years ago I wouldn’t have believed I’d be voting at a different polling place. Four years ago I felt trapped. Miserable with my mortgage, isolated in a neighborhood so [...]

The Sacred in the Mundane

Growing up Catholic I was taught that today is All Saints’ Day. As an agnostic adult I vastly prefer the Day of the Dead angle. But as I get older I have more and more dead to remember.
My brother Tom.
My stillborn son Felix.
All of my grandparents and great uncles.
High school friends Jennifer, Chris, Josh and [...]