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Tools of Forgotten Function

Who knew that November was norovirus month? Well, I’m intimately aware now! A couple of days before Thanksgiving I became violently ill in the middle of the night and spent ten straight hours vomiting. With such force that I threw out my back. That first day I couldn’t even keep water down. This did not bode well for my planned holiday feasting or general productivity. It was a pitiful week-into-long-weekend. I do not care to ever experience a repeat.

Moving right along. I am so behind the times. I’d been saving up five (or more) good things to post:

My timing has always been lousy. It’s been nearly a year since I sold my godforsaken house and, like so many others in similar situations, re-entered the market as a renter. The flood of us doing so drove up rental rates and drove down vacancy rates and, according to Forbes, we now have the second worst market in the country for renters. Yippee. But I’m trying not to dwell on that. Our duplex is lovely and in a safe neighborhood and my son and I love living there. Last weekend, when I was just starting to feel a little bit better, he decided to pack up all the Halloween decorations and spur me into Xmas decorating action. Sunday morning the boyfriend joined us for the annual real tree purchase (just $24.97 for a fresh Fir from the ACE Hardware on Grand near Dale in St. Paul) and the boyfriend did all the heavy lifting and light hanging. With his assistance we had things situated in no time. Speaking of the holidaze, my office was featured on Kare 11 news yesterday.

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