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Noughts and Crosses

What the junk? I was ill twice in November. Once mildly and once egregiously. And now my poor son is sick, with freaking bronchitis. He’s never had that before. He rarely gets sick at all so this has been bummer-town. But at least we have decent health insurance these days and he’s started a course of antibiotics. Hopefully that will clear things up lickety-split. Today his doc described his lungs as sounding crunchy. No one wants crunchy sounding lungs. Oh, and while at the doc I learned that the boy is now a good four inches taller than I am.

Five good things:

Last night I fell through a wikipedia wormhole that led me to watching the pilot episode of Alias, circa 2001. It felt so dated, more like super late 90s. Jennifer Garner sports so many belly shirts of all sorts. My favorite/most ridiculous was a sequined belly shirt with gold lame pants, worn while she was essentially doing gymnastics in a sewer. The whole premise is so convoluted and corny, with a sad cast of character actors who I have enjoyed in other shows and movies. Still, I just couldn’t look away and felt compelled to watch a couple of episodes before finally washing my hands of it.

Tiny Fantasy

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