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Thin Descriptors

My son has a disability. I’ve never wanted him to be defined by his diagnosis. But I have always understood the label of autism can ensure he gets the help he needs to be successful. This is becoming more of a concern as he gets older and talk turns to his transition into adulthood. It’s been a recurring theme lately with school staff and his psychologist. It’ll always be a struggle for me, as his mother, to find the right balance. To allow him his independence while also attempting to protect him. I am not alone in this. The other night I listened to the Special Ed episode of This American Life that featured the How’s Your News? team. Nearly every TAL episode makes me weepy.

Five good things for this hump day:

Dang, The Hobbit *and* the holidays. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week already and then it’s the headlong rush into conspicuous consumerism. I’ve long been a fan of Buy Nothing Day (I don’t do Black Friday - instead I always knew it as Fur Free Friday). I really do like this notion of Buy Nothing Xmas but I already jumped the gun and bought my son a few Giftmas gifts. Maybe next year we’ll go cold turkey.

beautiful Parker

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