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Monthly Archives: April 2008

An Emotional Heimlich

Within the span of ten minutes I went from being extremely worried to profoundly relieved. Yesterday afternoon I received good news about not one, but two troubling issues. My brain had been in worst case scenario mode - which it automatically switches over to whenever anything serious comes up - so I’m still trying to [...]

Singing Her Shame

I was nearly paralyzed by Saturday’s cold weather. Waking up and seeing snow on the new green grass threatened to knock me back into hibernation. The arctic gusts helped that along. Still, I somehow managed to make it out to the State Fair Grounds - with friends - for the Craftstravaganza. But we all froze [...]

Within the Realm of Realism

Just now the little man was stomping around shouting “Resprect[sic] the Pouch!” What pouch? How do I resprect it? Bizarre. After bathtime the other night I worked some Aveda Elixir into the boy’s matted hair, in an effort to comb out all the knots. He gave me attitude. Telling me he wanted his hair UP. [...]

A Key to an Empty Room

Been feeling sort of low energy and useless lately. I haven’t had the focus to finish up some projects, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about them. Which only gets me more wound up and feeling overwhelmed. Trying to turn that around, to look at what I have accomplished and to chop up the [...]

Dreaming Requires Practice

It’s been a rough week for me and mine, causing me to retreat into escapist-mode. Now it is the weekend, at last, but there are an overwhelming number of activities happening - some simultaneously. I’ve opted to partake in almost none due to time/money/energy constraints. While I am sad to be missing out on so [...]

Atmospheric Convulsions

This week has been full of minor nuisances. Insignificant in the big picture, but they add up. Like a thousand tiny paper cuts. I thought the weekend ought to offer some reprieve, but not so much. Last night I had an impromptu gathering at my house. It ended with carbon monoxide poisoning. We noticed a [...]

The Spectrum of Human Reality

OMG OMG tomorrow tickets go on sale for Flight of the Conchords! They’ll be at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. Their show is the same night as M.I.A., but she’s playing out in the burbs at the creepy Myth Nightclub, so no thank you. I’ll see my beautiful kiwi boys instead.
Five good things:

It’s been one [...]

Like Sliding Off a Cliff

Before our vacation I’d been feeling overwhelmed, in general, and had been worrying about the little man in particular. But I took advantage of our new health insurance to make an appointment with an in-network pediatric psychologist. This morning was our getting-to-know-you session. She was incredibly reassuring, offering up a fresh perspective and some [...]

There’s Always Tomorrow

Ack, I have no motivation today and reality will soon be encroaching on my fun. It’s nearly 2pm and I haven’t showered yet (let alone gone to the gym) and I have a packet of paperwork to fill out for tomorrow’s appointment at the Children’s Hospital. But right now I’m zoning out so that means [...]

Getting Misty Over You

I have such a crush on Portland. It was hard to leave. I feel like we just barely scratched the surface. Both the little man and I would like to go back again to really delve into it. Or just chill out at the Kennedy School some more.
Today, though, was spent recovering from our redeye [...]