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Monthly Archives: November 2006

A State of Mind as Much as it is a Time

I have got to get over my grumpiness. Seriously.
So…five good things:

New Order. My love for them will never die.
My co-workers. They are most awesome. I want to give them all big sloppy kisses. Like, figuratively, you know.
My contacts on flickr. Daily they provide me with such entertainment. Photos of great beauty (or photos of great [...]

My Irritability is an Art Form

Frustrations abound this week, and have been exacerbated by a deadly combo of sleep deprivation and hormonal issues.

Yesterday I was so exhausted at work - I was actually annoyed that my lunch wouldn’t heat itself up and float over to my desk. So last night I went to bed early. Things were going swimmingly until [...]

Feeling All Shit-Starty and Dangerous

Sometimes I have bad ideas. And then I make them worse by acting upon them. Like, earlier today, when I made more than one carafe of French press coffee. And I sucked the second one down late in the afternoon. And then, when I couldn’t fall asleep a little bit ago, because of all the [...]

The War of the Dreaming

Thanksgiving was pleasant enough. A nice visit with my folks early on, followed by the annual vegan potluck in the evening. But I didn’t quite have my fill. There was a distinct lack of mashed potatoes and gravy at said potluck (the only gravy to be had was in the tofu/veggie pot pie). So today [...]

More is Never Enough

It’s easy to tell the holiday season is upon us. For one thing, we’ve been inundated with catalogs in the mail lately. Many for places and things I’ve never heard of. Who knows how we wound up on these mailing lists, but I feel guilty about all the dead trees (at least we recycle). Today [...]

There’s a Party in My Mind

Over the weekend I got very little accomplished…aside from having some seriously good times. And that is exactly what I was needing. Friday night we kicked things off at the YWCA. The little man’s swimming lesson went exceptionally well. I’ve discovered the key. Mom has to kick back, out of sight, in the hot tub. [...]

Fancy Cinematic Footwork and Symbolistic Ambiguity

Somehow this has turned into my week of Hugh Jackman. Recently J and I went to see the The Prestige. Tonight we have free passes to catch a screening of The Fountain (a film I’ve been looking forward to for some time). And the little man saw Flushed Away with his grandma, and would like [...]

Is This Motion Everlasting?

When I was making dinner last night the little man sauntered into the kitchen and handed me something. It was a tooth. That’s the seventh one that has fallen out of his head. It seems like he’d only started wiggling that one earlier in the day. I first noticed it at the car dealership. Where [...]

Like Sands Through the Hourglass

Some excellent times this weekend were offset by too many heart-in-my-throat anxiety attacks. Lately the big life issues have been looming large. Like this morning, when the little man casually declared “both of our brothers are dead.” I replied, “yes honey, yes they are. And that is sad.” He chewed on that thought for a [...]

The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes

Yesterday was full of strange and off-putting frustrations.
We realized there was a pigeon trapped in the attic. After someone had been paid to clear out the pigeons and seal the attic off. Apparently they sealed one in. Poor thing was stuck up there for nearly a week.
Yesterday I received not one but two phone calls [...]