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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Trauma and Transcendence

I’m not always the brightest bulb. This morning I got dressed in the dark…and threw on a shirt that I thought was a different shirt. The one I actually wound up wearing has a giant permanent grease stain smack dab in the middle on the front. Naturally I didn’t notice it until after I [...]

The Role of the Unexpected

It was an emotional roller coaster of a weekend. Highs and lows all around. Situations that should be easy-peasy were oddly difficult while ones that had me anxiety-ridden and overthinking wound up being smooth like butter. Really really smooth butter. Life is funny like that.
Five good things:

This makes me SO happy: A collection of [...]

The Foibles of the Anti-hero

Tomorrow marks the end of an era. It will be my son’s last day at Fraser Academy. He’s been in their inclusion based program since kindergarten but it is time to move on. Their school year isn’t officially over until the end of next week but we have transitions to make. Fraser has been a [...]

Steamy, Sunny Interludes

The kiddo and I have been in need of some quiet time so we’ve been taking it easy this mellow Sunday. I’ve been alternating between lounging, baking, cooking, catching up on correspondence, reading (in the middle of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and declaring it to be “meh” so far), and devoting myself to [...]

Sailing Against the Wind

Yesterday was rough-going, with the hand-wringing about car/money problems (which go hand in hand) but the upside is I’ve got the car back. And it no longer feels as though it’s going to vibrate apart while I’m driving it. It’s a huge relief to know it’s in safe, reliable working order for our impending road [...]

When The Light Is Nice

Apparently this Thursday is National Get Outdoors Day. What better way to honor that than by getting out to the Walker Art Center’s Open Field? Unless it’s raining cats and dogs, of course, as it is today. Then maybe we could just go puddle-jumping instead. I do have the perfect wellies for that. And they [...]

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

Sometimes my brain is capable of connecting the dots. But it can take a little while. I’ve just realized something about my latest 5-minute crush. I knew that Henrik Ruben Genz, the director of Terribly Happy (which I have yet to see but really want to) - also directed 2005’s excellent Kinamand. But I hadn’t [...]

Leaving The Cake Out In The Rain

So much has been so very awesome in my life lately. I am one happy happy girl (see some of the fun, in a collection of photos from our Memorial Day, in three acts). Which is why I’m determined to remain annoyingly upbeat, even in the face of minor setbacks and nuisances that have been [...]