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Sailing Against the Wind

Yesterday was rough-going, with the hand-wringing about car/money problems (which go hand in hand) but the upside is I’ve got the car back. And it no longer feels as though it’s going to vibrate apart while I’m driving it. It’s a huge relief to know it’s in safe, reliable working order for our impending road trips which we will, thankfully, be able to do on the cheap.

Today’s five good things fell into place and all wound up featuring women artists. So all right then! Away we go:

  • Swoon makes me swoon! I’ve been seeing her life-size paste-ups via flickr for years. Fantastic interview with her from The Run Up. And rumor has it she may be coming to the Twin Cities soon…
  • An interview with another of my favorite artists, Kate Beaton, the genius (who has “that kind of bouncyness of flow”) behind the amazing Hark! A Vagrant historical web comics…and her clever conversations with a younger self. She also recommends Uterus Parade, incidentally.
  • Local artist Amy Rice: Giving Age-worn Letters and Ledgers New Life Through Art
  • Tomorrow night we’ll be stopping by the preview opening for an exhibition of five up-and-coming local female artists. Cult Sisters 5 will feature the new work of J.M. Culver, Louisa Greenstock, gina louise, Kara Hendershot and Erin Sayer. At Cult Status Gallery.
  • And lastly, Amy Winfrey has announced her annual Making Fiends art contest. I swear, this is the year I will get my act together and actually submit my son’s artwork! Last year he made a most excellent depiction of the timid Mr. Milk but I failed to mail it in.

Due to the aforementioned car problems I had to miss my son’s school field trip (the one and only of the entire school year) yesterday. And it was to a favorite destination - the Science Museum of Minnesota. When asked he indicated he had, in fact, enjoyed himself. But also mentioned that some woman who worked there knew his name, and knew me. But he had no idea who it was. Getting any details out of him is like pulling teeth but after some persistence I learned that 1) she has black hair and 2) she is a firebender. Ok. So she was either a cartoon character or perhaps just the person giving the Fire Triangle demo. In other interesting interactions with adults…last weekend we attended a party. After the fact I received a text from one of my woman friends. It went something like this:

At the party Parker put his hands on my shoulders and said ‘I’m a gardener who is a stranger.” And I said ‘Oh, I’ve played this game with adults before.” But nobody heard me so I just sounded like a creep.

I’m still laughing at that.

mini Mexican hot chocolate, from above

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