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Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Forgiveness of Night

I’ll allow myself just a teensy bit of wallowing. I may read Super Sad True Love Story soon and watch one of my sappy go-to movies like Happy Accidents. But the pity party won’t last. In an effort to purge this from my system I put out a call to twitter this morning…asking for break-up [...]

My Side of the Fence

It was the first day back to regular routine after the long weekend, and after the non-routine break-up. I think I managed reasonably well.
Monday’s minor failures:

Been sad and distracted so I realized too late that a friend is in town with his band tonight. Failure to line up a sitter means missing the show, [...]

Spread Your Bloody Wings

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. But there are no viable alternatives. Unpleasantness needs to be faced head on or it will fester. So now I’ve got another failed relationship attempt to add to the heap. It’s never easy when things fall apart but this time? It feels particularly hard, because [...]

Struggling to Maintain

As previously mentioned…some of my newly formed bad habits, plus a prolonged and annoying illness (which I am thankfully over), had been catching up with me. For over a week I have been eating less and/or smarter, passing up on the donuts at work, exercising daily for 30+ minutes, not drinking alcohol on weeknights, and [...]

Disturbing the Peace

Last Friday we came home to some lovely mail from a friend. But also to a grisly, mangled mouse in the living room. It was troubling, to say the least. We hadn’t seen a mouse in the house in an age. I’ve had to clean up such corpses in the past but I’ve tried to [...]

Points of Control

It’s a bit premature, but yes, I had already decided on my Halloween 2011 costume idea. Courtesy of my brilliant son of course. But now I’ve found out that Catherine Hardwicke (director of the first Twilight movie) may be ruining it for me. I don’t want folks to think *my* little red riding hood is [...]

Distracting Me From My Intentions

We’ve had our first snowfall of the winter. I now need to budget extra time in the morning, to scrape icy frost off the car. And I’ve realized my will power has gone out the window as the cold weather has come in. For the last few weeks my body has been hell bent on [...]

The Static of Life

Fridays have been especially hard on us this school year. After enjoying years of a Monday-Thursday schedule, having this extra day tacked on the end feels like some sort of cruel endurance test. And today is a bittersweet reminder, with school closed and the kid tagging along with me at work. But our first stop [...]

Confidence and Strange Energy

Last night was pretty great. The boyfriend and I grabbed a late dinner at Sen Yai Sen Lek before heading to the 7th Street Entry. Because it was an 18+ show things actually got rolling fairly early on. Food Pyramid started at 9:30 (with things wrapping up by midnight). One of the members, who resembles [...]

Transparency Is the New Mystery

This past weekend was spent gorging on escapism while recuperating. Happily I no longer feel like I have a small car, perhaps a Yugo, crushing my lungs. Though I still tire too easily. But that wasn’t much of an issue as I sprawled across various couches or my bed, devouring books 2 and 3 of [...]