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Confidence and Strange Energy

Last night was pretty great. The boyfriend and I grabbed a late dinner at Sen Yai Sen Lek before heading to the 7th Street Entry. Because it was an 18+ show things actually got rolling fairly early on. Food Pyramid started at 9:30 (with things wrapping up by midnight). One of the members, who resembles a young Anthony Michael Hall, really ought to lead an aerobics class. Such vitality! Gay Beast, who I hadn’t seen since last Spring’s Heliotrope Fest, played after them. This set felt…different. Like pure YES style prog-rock meets Star Wars Cantina Band. And then there was the amazing guitar hero Marnie Stern, backed by drummer Vincent Rogers and bass player Nithin Kalvakota. She kept up her usual comedic banter despite the fact their tour manager, Courtney, had up and quit on them earlier in the day (at least she didn’t take off with the van and equipment, a la Gayngs). It was a mesmerizing performance. Intricate but lush with a huge wall of sound. So glad I was able to go, despite the sleep deficit problem presented by weeknight shows.

Five other good things:

  • Love the idea of this new blog, Disunion. The first post is here.

    The story of the Civil War will be told in this series as a weekly roundup and analysis, by Jamie Malanowski, of events making news during the corresponding week 150 years ago. Written as if in real time, this dispatch will, after this week, appear every Monday. Additional essays and observations by other contributors, along with maps, images, diaries and so forth, will be published several times a week.

  • Oh how I adore Jay Smooth. Watch some of his no-nonsense videos and you too will get hooked.
  • Nerd talk time - the internets were all abuzz yesterday because there is another new Tron trailer.
  • Andrew Bird’s one-man orchestra of the imagination (his TED talk).
  • Also in music news, Brian Eno’s Seven Sessions on a Milk Sea - seven performances in seven weeks. Neatorama.

Friday promises more in the way of music and other activities. There’s a free Retribution Gospel Choir show, with Zoo Animal opening, in Minneapolis. That’s the same night as the Minneapolis Presents Calendar Release Party, to “celebrate the accomplishments of the women in the Minneapolis Cycling Community and the release of the Minneapolis Presents 2011 calendar that highlights them.” And lastly, and the thing I’m most excited about, is Thunderbolt Pagoda’s release show at the Turf Club in St. Paul. But since we, apparently, live in the least stressful metro area we should be able to make it to all events in a timely manner, if we so choose.

The amazing Marnie Stern

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