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Distracting Me From My Intentions

We’ve had our first snowfall of the winter. I now need to budget extra time in the morning, to scrape icy frost off the car. And I’ve realized my will power has gone out the window as the cold weather has come in. For the last few weeks my body has been hell bent on adding that extra layer of winter fat, for survival. I returned to the Wii Fit for my first body test in 35 days (oops) and didn’t like the results. Guess I’ll be pushing myself to exercise a lot more and eat a little less, or at least more carefully. Speaking of food…Friday night I stopped by the Local D’Lish to redeem my coupon for a Simple, Good and Tasty Food Lovers card. On our way to Black Sheep Pizza. I’d been intending to try it for some time now and it didn’t disappoint. The boy is pretty easily pleased, as long as he can get spinach and white mushrooms on his pizza, but the crust was spectacular too.

Five good food related things:

The weekend was a busy one. Chuck E Cheese with the kid (for the arcade, not the food!), Thunderbolt Pagoda release show at the Turf Club, A Very Much More art opening at The Soap Factory, impromptu brunch at my house and an unexpected and free International Novelty Gamelan performance at the Landmark Center. Fun times but I’m looking forward to a fairly quiet week ahead…with an emphasis on art projects - solo style and collaborations.

Dan, posing

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