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Monthly Archives: November 2010

An Unfathomable Universe

Often I am amazed and appalled by the asshole-ish-ness of some people…though I shouldn’t be too surprised. My Dad raised me with but one motto “honey, people are morons.” Still. I’ve always been a strangely optimistic cynic and skeptic. And sometimes something good does come of it. Like with the utterly awesome George Takei coming [...]

As The Mood Grabs You

This week seems to be more about existing than living. Single parenting while sick makes any achievement seem like a minor miracle. Getting the kid clothed and fed and to school on time with his homework done, and the recycling and trash hauled to the curb, I pat myself on the back for those little [...]

When the Party Winds Down

Yesterday I voted, but didn’t do any funny write-ins for Lizard People or Wendy or my friends (though I know more than one person who used my name as a write-in candidate for various judgeships - eep). Nor did I follow any election coverage, figuring it would all be settled in the morning and I [...]

Working Title

Typically Halloween ends and the chaos of National Novel Writing Month begins. But I’m not going to attempt it this year. Sure, I may play along a bit at home, when I can, continuing to work on my sadly abandoned werewolf cop novel. But no way am I spewing out 2000 words a day. I [...]