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Monthly Archives: August 2004

Access To The Hypnogogic State

We’re already missing our houseguest, April, who headed back to Beijing on Friday. She left behind a few things, some intentionally, others not so much. To the little man she bequeathed a nifty little tape measure/key chain that he’d become enamored of. To me, an old box of hardcore swag and a Wong Kar-wai [...]

We Could Connect Or We Could Not

All sorts of photos and stories to post…but not enough energy to make it happen. Maybe later.

Like Making The Beds In A Burning House

I didn’t have to check to know that the pollen count in our area would be considered “very high”. The little man confirmed my suspicions. Earlier we were talking about color so I asked:
“What color are mommy’s eyes?” (We have this terrible habit of referring to ourselves in the third person, and I swear, [...]

When The Platypus Is On The Mic

I’m away from my computer for a day or two and all sorts of happenings, uh, happen. And stuff (need to catch up on sleep and/or increase caffeine consumption). Now hear this:

Receptionista will be on National Public Radio;
Rebecky designs a kickass clock for the new McSweeney’s-affiliated superhero store in Brooklyn;
Kottke discovers New Wave;
Chuck creeps [...]

Please Hold

The little man and I are currently enjoying a rare treat…playing host and hostess to a house guest. My dear friend April has been living and teaching in Beijing the last couple of years, but has been stateside this month visiting friends and family across the country. We have her for just a few [...]

You Will Be A Winner Today. Pick A Fight With A Four-year-old.

Raising a special needs child is as wonderful and frustrating as raising any other child (I would imagine), but sometimes in different, unique ways. Our little man has Sensory Integration Dysfunction to deal with, among other issues. One of the features of which is that he’s still compelled to put any and everything in [...]

To Ignite The Breath

I realized, after the fact, that we missed last month’s Dragon Festival. Doh. So Sunday evening I decided to break our self-imposed crankiness-quarantine, and take our chances at another annual event…the Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como Park. An old friend was brave enough to join us, and even gave the little man and [...]

Ma Famille Glorieuse

A cloud of crankiness has inexplicably descended upon our household this weekend. We’ve thought it best to stay put in order to spare the outside world from our extreme crabbiness, but the boredom isn’t helping matters much. To spare the little man from overhearing my vulgarities, I’ve found myself holding my tongue and instead [...]

Boldly Going Nowhere

My current slothfulness is reaching staggering levels, even for me. Distractions abound and I cannot resist. Last week I read four books (two fiction, two non). This week has mainly been about teevee and video. It started with Olympics coverage, but segued into a few films…Va Savoir, Office Space, and The Maltese Falcon. And [...]

Tour Of Swing States To Try And Help John Kerry Get Elected

Last I heard Minnesota was a swing state, but Yo La Tengo is skipping us on their upcoming pep rally/tour. The closest they’ll be coming is Madison. But Bush isn’t Saint Paul-shy. He dropped by yesterday, to hang out with his new buddy, our political soul-selling mayor. I had every intention of heading down [...]